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Frequently Asked Questions about Fostering


What does a foster home do?

Foster homes provide a safe, clean, nurturing family environment to a pit bull who has been abused, abandoned, neglected or surrendered by its owner. As a foster family, you are asked to provide a pit bull with indoor living conditions, some basic obedience skills, and of course love. We ask that you provide the same care and love to your foster pit bull as you would your own dog.

How much time does it take to be a foster parent?

From an hour or two a day to however much time you are able to spend with the dog.

How much does it cost to foster a dog?

Lack of funds should not prevent you from fostering, MPBF supplies all medical cost, and supplies for your foster dog. You are always welcome to supply your own items for your dogs that you care for.

What will I need to do as a foster parent?

Foster families are responsible for daily care of the foster dog, including: • Feeding • Exercising • Socializing/Includes inside lifestyle with family • Grooming, as needed • Reinforcing basic obedience commands • Observing and evaluating general behavior and temperament • Providing love and security to a special pit bull at an often-difficult time in his or her life. MPBF foster homes play a significant role in facilitating the dog’s adoption to a new home. As a foster parent, you will make recommendations to help select the best adoptive family for your foster pit bull (you know him/her best). Potential adoptive families may come to your home to meet the dog and you may be asked to help with paperwork.

How long does the dog stay in foster care?

MPBF pit bull stay within foster care for 30 day before they are eligible for adoption.  It amount of time they are in our care depends on their background/medical condition and the number of pending applications. Your updates help to expedite the process since potential owners check our page regularly for new information on available dogs.

What if I have other pets?

Most pit bulls enjoy the company of other dogs. We will help guide you with proper dog introductions. Should problems arise, the dog will be removed and placed with another foster family. Dogs that are aggressive toward people are not taken into our program.

What happens if I have questions or problems with the foster dog?

Being a foster family is extremely rewarding, and we have a dedicated team to help you along the way.  Several documents about what you can expect in the first few days of receiving your foster are reviewed during the application process, and you will always have the support of other foster families and our foster team leader and trainers.  

What if I want to adopt the dog I am fostering?

You are allowed and we keep open lines of communication with our foster homes about the possibility of the dog remaining in the home if these situations arise.  We ask that our foster families are open in the communication with the foster leader regarding keeping a foster dog, as we want to insure our adopters have a smooth adoption process.  There is always another foster dog waiting for your love and we hope that you find fostering as rewarding as we do and don't be as tempted to keep them all knowing how important the gate way of fostering is to the dogs happy ever after. 

Do I have to be home with the dog all day?

No, many of our foster family members are currently employed full or part-time and still provide a quality environment for the dog.  We do ask that all foster dogs are correctly separated and crated from other family pets while you are not directly supervising them.  ( a crate is provided by MPBF ) 

Do I need a fenced yard?

A fenced yard is not required.

Will I become attached to my foster dog?

Yes, you undoubtedly will – they bond quickly and give so much back in return for your care and attention. When you meet and/or talk with the new family who is ready to provide a permanent, loving home for the dog you have helped rescue, you –like the rest of MPBF foster families – will feel more than satisfied to see him/her move on to a new and better life. This also enables you to open up your home and heart to another needy pit bull.  If you can not bear the thought of your foster dog in another home, we do give foster families first adoption rights on the dog they are fostering.

I would like to foster. What do I do next?

Once your family has decided to foster a pit bull, the next step is to fill out MPBF’s foster application, located at If you have more questions, you may contact Once your application is received, you will be contacted for a phone interview and then a home visit will be arranged. 

If I cannot foster, is there another way to help?

YES! You can volunteer in many ways. Volunteers transport MPBF to veterinary facilities or to the foster home, help with fundraising and events, contribute to the newsletter and assist with many other activities. If you are interest in volunteering, please contact usat