Fostering for MPBF

the best part about saving a life? it's FREE!

Merit Pit Bull Foundation is a 100% foster-based rescue. Foster families are the ONLY reason we can continue to rescue and save dogs in need.

We do not pull dogs or agree to take a dog into our program unless we have an available foster home that can allow the dog to decompress and begin their transition from whatever difficulties they may have encountered in their past to their future as a happy, healthy, and adoptable pet.

What does Fostering mean?

Foster homes are the first step to success for a newly rescued dog. Fosters provide a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for dogs who may never have known any of those things before. As a foster family, you are responsible for providing your foster dog with indoor living conditions, some basic obedience skills and, of course, lots of love and affection. In other words, we ask that you provide the same care and love to your foster dog as you would your own dog.

How do we pick our foster dogs?

Our intake team is ASPCA SAFER qualified. SAFER is a brief yet thorough assessment to evaluate what resources we may need to successfully place each dog in a foster, and then  forever home. It can identify which dogs are ready to go into our placement program or rescue, which ones will benefit from behavior modification, and which ones may need careful management when placed. We do not accept dogs who have failed their SAFER evaluation. We believe this allows for the safest placement into a new home with little to no risk for you or your family.


MPBF Provides...

  • A crate

  • All monthly medications

  • Food

  • Payment for all Veterinary visits

  • Training assistance and support

We ask that our foster homes help their foster dog gain exposure to potential adopters by bringing the dog to monthly events, providing pictures and videos of the pup, and writing bios to help the public understand the true personality of the dog you see every day.