Wallace YouTube Star!

2 year old male

Raleigh, NC

Seeking active companion committed to a lifetime relationship.

I live with my foster mom. I get along with my canine and feline foster siblings. I don't chew on the furniture or eat shoes. I love naps as much as I love a good run. I prefer hockey over football. Go Canes!!! I am a social, active & comedic pup.

I do some stunt work. Have you ever seen the movie where the dog lures the bad guys through the woods to keep the kids safe? Me too. I love that movie. That wasn't me, but my foster mom says I pull some crazy stunts. I am also going to school to learn how to be a better Wallace.

Movies: Cool Hand Luke, The Big Lebowski, Goonies, The Godfather, Spaceballs, Anything Mel Brooks, really.

Food: I love food. Period. Especially peanut butter. It's sooooooo good. Oh, and bacon. Bacon on chicken is better. Hamburgers are good too. Need I go on?

Hobbies: Running, hiking, Tug o' War, Zoomies.

On a typical Tuesday night I: Go for a good walk followed by dinner. I keep hoping my foster mom will finally share her dinner with me. When that doesn't happen I settle in with a chew toy and watch some TV. (P.S. I think Tim Allen is funny.)

The most private thing I am willing to admit: My foster mom's cat scared me for the first few weeks. It took me a while to not be creeped out by him. Admit it, the way cats skulk about and seem to come out of nowhere is just not normal.

You should check me out if you are: Active, adventurous, patient, into training and like to just have fun. Another dog friend is a HUGE plus. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.