Dear humans of the world, My name is Rue and I am searching for my forever family. Are you searching for a silly, sweet, snuggly, happy-go-lucky, never met a stranger in her life little pup to add to your family? Look no further! I may look like a pit bull puppy, but my foster parents say I may also be mixed with a couple other different species. For example, I like to sleep on my human's shoulders or lay on the top of the couch like a kitty cat. They also think I'm part springbok because I'm very fast and sometimes like to jump, hop, and frolic around the yard. I. Love. To. Cuddle. Humans, doesn't matter. If I am going to take a nap I always prefer to be against or on top of someone. Even though I'll want to be curled up against you, I am great at sleeping through the whole night in your bed. And I won't even steal the covers!

I'm a little lady on leash and really enjoy going for walks in the neighborhood or at the park. I also love going out on the town and always like being the center of attention. I get really confused when people walk by and don't want to pet me! How can they resist my cute face and sweet puppy kisses?! I just want to be everyone's best friend and never met a human I didn't instantly adore. I LOVE being a little sister and would very much like having an animal sibling. I like to play chase, tug-of-war, wrestle and my favorite move is to pounce my dog brother's head. I would also do well with a kitty sibling! I'm very hard working and treat motivated. Some of my favorite treats include peanut butter, bananas, and rice cakes. (Ya know, I like to eat healthy). I am house trained, crate trained, and know "sit" "down" "crate" and am working on "stay" and "roll over." So, now that you know a little about me, maybe you would want to love me? Forever and ever? Please? I promise to always love you too.

Love, Rue