Hey! My name is Reya! My foster mom named me that because it means 'queen' or 'graceful'.

After getting to know me I'm more of a jester and quite clumsy, but it's ok! My old name was Rage, which doesn't fit me at all. I'm so thrilled about this awesome new life that it's hard to keep all of my happies in! Mom is teaching me the 'rules of the house' which were all new to me, but I'm doing great!

During my previous life chained outside so I didn't have so many cool things to play with and investigate. So far I've learned to sit and lay down when asked, wait for stuff like goodies and food, peeing and pooping outside only, stopping when I really want to play with something, and chilling out when I get too anxious to play with my foster sisters.

I also listen to mom when the fuzzy little cat creature and my foster sisters aren't interested in me loving them so much. We've become pretty good friends and we love to play together.

Mom says she's still learning about me, but I think I'm still learning about myself too. I love those little snacks she gives me when we're teaching me how to be a good girl. I get a lot of them! She says I'm still skinny so I get more than my foster sisters. She laughs a lot at my silly antics and calls me a goofball a lot. I've only been living in this thing called a house and she already lets me walk around on my own. She knows I run to her whenever she calls me!! She says I listen better than her kids!

I also love to cuddle, lay in laps, and give TONS of kisses. I love car rides and going new places. We've gone to a few events with lots of people, dogs, beer, and food. I had so much fun and just hung out and enjoyed my awesome life! Everyone says that I'm one of the happiest doggers ever! And they're right!!