Hi!!! My name is Pixie but sometimes my foster mom calls me Pixie Stix which I thinks is really cute. I always comes running when she calls me that. She also tells me that I’m the perfect pooch! I’m not trying to toot my own horn but I kind of agree. I absolutely love my foster sisters and would love a forever home with another doggie that I can play with! There are also some smaller two legged hoomans here that I think are pretty cool too. The little one still walks around like I do and that puts him at the perfect height for kisses! The bigger one can be pretty loud and hyper so I mostly ignore him besides the occasionally smooch.

I will admit the hooman says I need to work on my play style with the fluffy kitty. Sometimes if he runs I like to chase him but I always come right back when the hooman calls my name and when that kitty hisses at me to leave him I alone I walks away really fast! She also says that I can be a little shy at first but that’s not my fault! Not all hoomans are nice so I’m just making sure the people I meet are nice before I flop over and ask for a belly rub which really takes no time at all! Belly rubs and cuddling really are the best things in the whole entire world besides treats and playing and giving kisses and a forever home. I would love to give you lots of kisses and live with you forevers!