Hi! I’m Petey! If you’re looking for a fun, goofy, and playful guy then I might be the one for you. My smile is a sure way to keep you smiling every day. My foster parents tell me I’m about 1 1/2 years old and that I’m the perfect sized pitty…not too big…not too small…just right!

My favorite thing to do is play! I could play all day if you let me! I love playing with other dogs but I’m also good at entertaining myself with a few toys and bones. I would really love a dog friend that I could play with every day and have some room to run around. I really enjoy being active and going for walks too. If you want to take me out on the town, I love going for car rides and meeting all the new people and dogs. There’s no such thing as too many friends. Speaking of friends, I even like the cats in the house! I try to play with them but don’t mind hanging out with them one bit!

When it’s time to settle down, I do really well in my crate and don’t ever cause trouble in there. You can even put a really nice bed in there and I won’t destroy it. I also always go potty outside.

Overall I tend to mind my manners. Occasionally my puppy side comes out and I just need to be reminded that I’m a big boy now. If I do something my foster parents don’t approve of I always stop when told “no”. I’m told that I listen very well. I always come when called, leave it, sit, and lay down.

I really enjoy learning new things especially because it always involves food! Food is great! Hopefully you think so too and will share it all with me!

Really, life is just great and there’s not really anything I don’t like.