Hi, Iā€™m Nova. I'm 2 and half years old and weigh about 60 pounds. I'm looking for a loving family to adopt me forever. I'd love a home with a backyard where I can zoom around and play with sticks! I'm very sweet and cuddling on the couch for hours on end is one of my all time favorite things.

I am smart and trainable and will work for treats. I am also crate trained and potty trained, but I may have some separation anxiety at first when my humans put me in the crate. But don't worry, it will get better. I love walks and I promise not to pull on the leash much if I have a proper harness on. I'm good at riding in the car and I love looking out the car windows. Sometimes I even try to worm my way into the front passenger seat - everyone needs a co-pilot right!?!

I do well with kids but I can be clumsy and headstrong from time to time. I would thrive with a strong assertive leader who can guide me through a proper decompression period, decompression is best and it really will help me settle in nicely to your home! Since I did not receive a lot of socialization at a young age, I would really benefit from some exposure to friendly dogs. I don't trust cats - do you blame me?! I love my foster family but I know that there is a home out there that is a better fit for me. I hope it's yours!