Hi! Elvis here! 

My foster mom tells me that I'm the sweetest boy in the whole world but I think she is biased. My foster mom is the first person that has ever let me sleep inside and I'm really loving it! I like to sleep on my own comfy bed or in the bed with my foster mom. She still insists I go into my crate though and I'm getting used to that too. 

I live in a house with a small two legged brother, and I adore him. Sometimes I accidentally knock him over because my butt gets to moving super fast but he always forgives me. I'm not a big fan of the kitty that lives here, and my foster mom keeps us apart all the time. She says I'm just too big to play with him. I'm improving on my manners with other dogs, I really want to play play play when they are around but no one ever showed me how! 

I love going on walks and I walk like a gentleman when I have my harness on. Most of all I love laying on the couch with my people, and getting as much love as they will give me!