Hey my name is Nala, I’m 4 years old and I’m a big girl tipping the scale around 90 pounds! Let’s just say I really love food. Foster mommy takes me on two mile walks everyday, keeps weighing me, and gets so excited to see I went down a pound. To be honest I don’t know why she’s so excited I like my full figure. Despite my size I’m very gentle with kids even the little ones in strollers. I’m very talkative my mommy tells me. I know I’m not a puppy but I’m still very playful and love tennis balls and rope toys. I walk very well on a leash, good car dog, crate trained, house trained, and I don’t even mind going to the vet as long as they pet me and give me treats after my shots. My perfect home would be with people that share their human bed with me even though I take up 3/4 of my mommy’s king size bed. I love other dogs, I’m really gentle with kids, and I haven’t met a human I didn’t like. But I don’t like cats, who could blame me they are hairy, have attitude issues, and poop in a box. What’s so special about pooping in a box? If I sound like your perfect match consider adding me to your family!