Howdy, folks! My name is Loki and I’m an all-around good ol’ boy! My foster mom says my name suits me just fine because I’m a silly goof who reminds her of Scooby Doo. I love walks and hikes on sunny days, but who doesn’t love the fresh air of the outdoors? I also heard I’m part fish because I like to hang out by the pool and love to catch sticks when I visit a pond or river. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m very active. I am laid back at home and my favorite sport is couch lounging with you! I’m also very obedient and know sit, stay, lay, come, give pay, down, and have no problem going to bed when it’s time…hopefully on your bed, of course, but if not, I’m happy on a comfortable bed on the floor too. My foster mom says I’m a talker, and I talk to you when I want to go out to potty or want to play with other dogs. Speaking of dogs, I live with a large and a small dog, and have no problem with them. I have even met these furry weird things called “cats” and I honestly don’t care much for them, so I leave them alone. I also love kids of all ages and am very gentle with the young ones. I didn’t go to culinary school, but I am a great kitchen helper. Foster mom usually has me on “clean up” duty whenever she cooks. If anything falls to the ground, I can clean it for you in no time! Foster mom says just make sure you put the trash away, because I like to make sure you didn’t throw anything away that is of good use. I love to ride in the car and my favorite store to visit is Home Depot because I get to walk around and greet everyone. I love hanging out with my foster family but would love to have a family of my own to love and cuddle with. I hope you might be it. If not, can you help me find them? Much love and paws – Loki