“Hey Y’all!! I’m iz Joe Joe, my foster momma sayz my name is technically Bazooka Joe, but she never calls me dat. Probably cuz I’m about the furthest you can get from explosive. Unless we are talking about my farts... foster momma says dat they are explosively stanky. I love to snuggle, I would lay on the couch wif you all day and night if you let me. I like to sleep in my crate too. Sometimes foster momma can’t find me, and it’s cuz I’m snoozing away in my crate. Foster momma called me something the other day but I don’t know what it means? She called me the pawfect dog. She says it’s cuz I’m soo sweet, I love dogs, and kids. She also sayz I’m very kissable. I love kisses. That usually means I get to snuggle. Do you want to snuggle with me? I’ll keep a spot on the couch warm for you, and I’ll do a happy dance and smile from ear to ear when you get home every day.