GENDER: Female
DOG FRIENDLY: Yes with slow introductions to new dogs
CAT FRIENDLY: Yes with slow introductions to new cats
PERSONALITY: Ivy is friendly, curious, and playful. She is always eager to learn new things, and please her people.
FAVORITE TOY: The ball is definitely her favorite. Any ball, of any size. She likes to fetch and catch. She also thoroughly enjoys ropes, wubbas, and chew bones.
HOBBIES:  She loves to find every toy in the house (and yard) and bring it to you. She's always so proud of herself for it too. She likes to snuggle up in a nice warm lap as well, normally after a nice long walk.
TRAINING KNOWLEDGE: She knows sit, down, back up, wait, and drop it. We're still working on leash manners and off.

Currently Living With: 2 adults, 3 cats, 2 large male dogs, 1 large female dog, and a small male dog