My name is Holly. I am ruff-ly 4 years old. I love to run, and chase balls and squirrels. I am a love bug and will take as much affection as you are willing to dish out. I am house broken, but I have to stay in a crate when you aren't home or when there are a lot of new people at my house, because I get a little stressed out. I like my crate and will gladly run and get in my crate when you tell me to.

I don't have a fence in my backyard, but that's okay. I am super obedient and learned my boundaries quickly. I don't even go outside them when a squirrel comes around. I like to meet other dogs, and live with an American Bully that lets me aggravate her. Oh, and I even like cats. I would not do well with a young dog that is not well trained.

My foster mom thinks I would be a good agility dog because I am so smart and trainable. I love love love to ride in the car...in fact, every time you put your shoes on I will expect you to take me to Biscuitville for a dog biscuit. I am very well-behaved when I am in the car and the people in the drive-thru think I am so pretty. I would be best in a home with no children or older children and I am used to having my parents home all day, so that would make me super happy.