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Hello, my name is Hercules! I am a goofy, smart, sweet boy that LOVES hoomans! I’ll even prove it by giving you tons of kisses. Smiling and snuggling are my favorite. I’m just a love machine! I’m almost 3 years old and I weigh about 75 lbs. I love having a job and using my smarts! I’m really good at getting frozen goodness out of a Kong or this thing called “snuffling” when my hooman throws a handful of kibble in the backyard for me to find. Bonus, I will protect you from squirrels! I get a little overwhelmed when I’m in new environments so I’m looking for more of a homebody lifestyle. I’m always down for a car ride! The best rides are the ones where I help my hooman “order” and then these nice people give you the delicious smelling treats from the window. I’m good in my crate and like having a space to call my own. I even trained my hooman to give me some treats in my Kong to go in! I didn’t get the best start and when I came to my hooman we had some catching up to do, but we went to training and I’ve learned my manners! I’m very smart and figure out what you want me to do quickly, especially when there is a treat involved in the deal. I thought I found the perfect home, but you see, I really want to be the only dog and the other guy wouldn’t move out. My hooman thinks I didn’t interact with many dogs when I was young so am not quite sure how to read them. If you are looking for a one and only, I’m your guy!