Hello world, my name is Guinness and I'm looking for that special someone to start my new life with. My foster mama says I’m a love bug because I get along with everyone and everything. The neighborhood kids love to play with me and I always like to meet them at the bus stop to say hello in the morning. Foster mama also likes to take me on trips to restaurants and breweries and she says I am a good boy with great manners. I live with a small senior dog who has no patience for me, but I am very kind to her. I also live with two furry things called “cats”. One of them likes me very much and the other one doesn’t, but he is warming up to me. I also think there is nothing better in life than to be with the people I love and am a sucker for couch lounging, hugs, and just hanging around with my people. I was hit by a car last summer and have fully recovered, even though foster mama says I now have a funny wiggle walk. I like going for walks and my foster mama says I can do some long walks, but you may have to give me some time to rest (especially if you take me hiking) since too much walking can be a bit tough on me. I don't like being left alone and I definitely do not like to be crated. My foster mama had a lot of patience and taught me to stay in a room by myself and now I love my new routine. I may still cry for a bit if you leave, but I settle in nicely. If you work from home or spend a lot of time around the house, I'd be more than happy to keep you company. Did I mention how much I love being around people? Do you think I might be a good fit for you?