Gambit checking in from his busy super hero life. Gambit has she his coat from his former life and is now sporting a shiny, silky, almost completely grown in coat! He has been a real rockstar. He does great in public, doesn't get anxious. Walks so well on a leash. Completely house trained. Does like to counter surf occasionally. Loves his games and toys. Prefers cartoons over comedy. Mastered the art of snuggle, and persuasion. Peanut butter kongs fuel his creativity, and might have caused his hips to fill out too. He thinks super heroes deserve all the treats and that 75 pounds jjust means more of him to love. His Tinder profile includes his love for dance. His favorite hobby is dishwashing. His favorite music is the Roaring 20's. He doesn't snore or hog the covers. A real gem, ladies and gents.Taking applications for life partners immediately.