Hello ladies and gents. My name is Desmond. In a previous life, I did a stint as the Energizer Bunny. Even when I'm sleeping I always have one ear perked just in case something interesting happens. I'm a great sleeper but I do get up and move around and settle back down frequently. I like to make sure I know what is going on at all times. I especially like being carried around (although not for long cause I'm a big guy) and sitting in laps. I also really enjoy rope toys. I wouldn't mind living with other roommates as long as they don't mind my practical jokes. I've been known on occasion to run up and grab someone's tail when they are sleeping or to bark in their face. But it is all in the name of getting others to play with me and I mean no harm by my joking around. I have a tendency to back out of my collar so a harness would be preferable. I'm very smart and have already learned sit, time to go outside/inside, and leave it. I will also run right into my crate as long as there is a treat involved.