Hi! I'm Colby. I am a three year old staffy girl . I have short, silky tan fur and eyes that match perfectly. I am quite petite (35lbs.) but I am muscular and energetic. I love to play fetch and I am super fast and athletic. I also play a mean game of tug! I will keep you giggling for hours with my antics. I am a little nervous in new places so if you had a back yard in which we could play, that would be great. I walk very nicely on a leash as long as other people and dogs don't get too close. I am gaining more confidence but I still feel safer when they are a little farther away. I like to play with other dogs but I need some time to get to know them first. It's the same with people. I need a little time to make sure they are cool and then I will love all over them! Indoors I am quiet and sweet and I settle down quickly. My favorite thing is to sleep snuggled up against my person. I am super affectionate and it doesn't take me long to make friends. I like to go into my crate when I need a rest and I never go to the bathroom in the house. I only chew the things that I am supposed to chew. I know lots of commands and will do what you ask me to do. I am smart enough to figure stuff out quickly and have trained my foster well. I will do ANYTHING for a treat. My perfect home would be a quiet environment with active people who would like to play with me some every day preferably in a fenced yard. Although I like to play outside I don't need tons of exercise to be happy. I can be left alone in my crate for several hours but I don't think I'd like to be in it for the entire day. I'm not really comfortable around small children or cats so a home without those would be best for me. I am definitely a "best friend" doggy and I am looking for that person or persons who will be a best friend back to me.