My name is Bruce. I have thoroughly mastered the sad puppy eyes, even though my foster parents don't give in to them. Not their first rodeo, I guess. You ever seen a brindle coat nicer than mine? Ever since my fur started coming back, it's hard not to look at it! I have never had an accident in the house! I like to be out and about though, so don't be stingy with the trips outside! I also love something to knead and chew, so I come with my own lovey! (I'll admit it...I stole foster dads old robe and I sleep with it) I follow other dogs really well. They obviously have a routine, I learn quickly...sounds like the makings a good relationship to me! I like to think I'm cuddly. I like children. I play with my foster sister (I told you I like other dogs!) all the time and I don't chase squirrels. Or cats for that matter. You should call me up sometime. I promise we'll have fun and I bet you'll even want to take me home!