Hi! I'm Boof! Everyone tells me how gorgeous my eyes are, but I have a great personality to match. I enjoy long naps, car rides, and cuddling with anyone who will let me. I've never met a person I didn't like. Cats, however, are another story. I don't like them at all. I get along great with my foster siblings (the dog kind) although I need to eat dinner in a separate room. Having other dogs around my food makes me nervous and I have to sound mean so they leave me alone. My foster parents can take my bowl away from me though because I know they're going to give it back. I like playing tug and fetch, but chew toys are my favorite. I take my Kong toy to bed with me overnight and in the morning I like to sing so you know it's time for me to go potty. I'm not always lazy, when I get excited I do my happy taps and zoomies are soon to follow. After that, its back to lounging on the couch. If you're looking for someone to enjoy taking naps or want someone who will binge Netflix with you, I'm your man.