My name is Blue Bell…sometimes my foster Mom and Dad call me “Belly” because I love to have my belly rubbed. I am also affectionately called “The Blue Queen” as I prefer to lay on very soft things and it does not matter if you are already laying on the soft thing or not!

I am told I am between 3-5 years old, but a lady never reveals her actual age. Some would say that I am a “full-figured” girl, but I have had several litters of little ones! I am constantly on the treadmill at my foster home, but truth be told I only get on it to enable me to see out the window better.

I am not even a very “high maintenance” lady as I do not care to have manicures and pedicures, but my foster Mom and Dad are working on it….that nail file freaks me out! I love car rides (as long as I can see out the window) and anything that smells good that you may have in your pocket.

I am actually very quiet and only bark when I hear something that my foster siblings alert me to (or when it is time for dinner). I am told I make cute “piggy noises” when I am sniffing something, but I find that a bit embarrassing! I will let you know when I have to go outside and I have NEVER made a mess in the house or chewed up anything that was not mine. My rope toys are my favorite! I love to be petted, talked to and tucked in at night. I would be very happy in a house with adults who can spend lots of time with me.