Excuse me, do you have any treats? I really like treats. My name is Blanca, although you can pretty much call me anything you want since I'm deaf and can't hear what you're saying. I am very smart despite my disability and now know how to sit and wait for treats. I'm kinda new to this rescue and training thing and am learning more as I go. Seems pretty fun so far. At 8 years old, I'm proof that you can teach an older dog new tricks. My foster mom has good treats for when I get things right which really helps. I'm a fun but chill girl who likes going for car rides, meeting new people and dogs and burying myself under my blankets when I take naps. My foster mom says I have the cutest piggy-snort snore. She's learning more about me every day just like I'm learning more about living the good life every day. Are you looking for a good dog who is crate trained, outgoing and in need of companionship? Why not check me out?