If you’re looking for a chill companion with the dignified air and manners of a gentleman, look no further. My name is Biza, and 13 years has not dampened my good looks and sweet temperament; in fact, my foster momma thinks I’ve aged like a fine wine 🍷🧐. I enjoy short, slow walks where I can smell the flowers and probably pee on them (I’m still a dog after all!). If you have a backyard or just some grass where we can play a little bit of fetch, I quite like that too. Other than that, much of my time is spent napping - these striking good looks means I need my beauty sleep! I’m good in a car, on a leash, alone in the house, and even out on the town. I have a very calm disposition and do well with cats and dogs that respect my space. You should know that my back legs and ears are not what they used be. So I may not do well I’m a house with lots of stairs. Nor I can’t hear you when you call me a good boy, which you most definitely will. Luckily for us, pettings and affection is a language I can still understand. I’ve earned some peace and quiet, don’t you think?