Hello everyone! I’m Becks; it’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you! I am a happy-go-lucky girl who just loves life. Foster mom and dad tell me that I’m a velcro doggy. I’m not sure what exactly that means…but I’m always right by their side when they say it! I love every dog that I meet and especially enjoy when I can cuddle up with my foster brothers, clean them, and watch after them. I don’t mind my foster sisters either! I’m told they are called cats, but they just seem like smaller dogs to me. As long as they are not scared of me, I will treat them with respect. Two words that best describe me are calm and confident. Foster mom & dad say I’m the most relaxed dog they have ever been around. Relaxing is just fun! I love lying on the couch or bed (as long as my people aren’t too far away). My crazy foster brothers play, and I just enjoy watching from afar…silly boys!!! There’s not much that I’m afraid of either. I just enjoy experiencing all that life throws my way. I love going for walks and never stray too far away, even when there are other dogs or people walking by. I always come running when my name is called. I’m a smart girl and love learning new things especially when I get to eat something yummy after. I really love pleasing my people and will do whatever it takes to keep them happy. I have lots of love to give and my butt never stops wiggling. Even though you can’t tell by my slim & petite figure, I LOVE FOOD! It is sooooo deeeelicious!! I get REALLY excited for treats and food. However, I’m learning that patience is key to getting to eat yummy things and I work on it each and every day. I’m not a huge fan when foster mom and dad try to leave me. This silly crate tries to keep me from the comfy couch and knowing where my humans are. Being in a room with my foster brothers definitely helps me realize that this crate isn’t so scary after all. I’m working hard to enjoy this crate thing though since my foster brothers surely love theirs! One of my favorite pastimes is playing “follow my human”. They think they can go to different parts of the house without me and boy are they wrong! If I’m not with them who is going to give them all the kisses and cuddles (those are my second and third favorites by the way)!? They can’t be without those. I would love someone that is willing to take me everywhere! Car rides are the best! I’m told I’m a great passenger. I will ride around for hours and am always excited to explore new places. If you’re searching for a petite, snuggly, relaxed, and happy girl … I’m the one for you!