Hi I’m Amber! I’m 1 1/2 years old and weigh 40 pounds, I’m very tiny. I came into the shelter as stray and then my foster mommy was crazy enough to add another foster dog into the house and I joined the Merit fam.

I have 2 fur sisters and 3 fur brothers and I’m the smallest out of them all and me and my fur brother are the only ones with an UNDERBITE which mommy finds adorable. I love to play with my fur brother Bear and fur sister Daisy (she's adopt-a-bull too) because they are playful unlike the other three which are old, cranky and they bark at me, foster mommy says they have a stick up their butt which makes them grumpy.

I'm kind of shy but I’m getting over my fears. Which I kind of have to because my five fur siblings get really loud in the mornings. I REALLY LOVE giving kisses, I’ll kiss you everywhere and groom you to make sure your clean, who knows what dogs you touched while you left me at home. Speaking of leaving me home alone I’m really good in my crate and enjoy sleeping there all day until you get home from work. Then we can go sleep in bed and I’ll give you kisses and watch tv with you.

Mommy said I’d be best with people who want a happy medium of playful and a relaxed dog. I’d love to have fur siblings but I can also be your only doggy. Please adopt me because I would love to be apart of your life!