I'm Halee and so greatful MPBF has given me my second chance! My foster family brought me to this place with other dogs, a furry thing they call a cat, lots of food and water, these awesome things called toys, and the things that took a while to get used to... rules. My foster mom gives me treats and lovin' when I do things like sit, lay down, come, and wait. Wait is my favorite! I have a cat and two other pups like me in the house. We do stuff together like patiently wait for mom to get out dinner and breakfast together, do training stuff, and go out in the yard together. I have a lot of energy, so I love working and playing. They look at me kinda funny when I play with my toys in the house. I LOVE MY TOYS! It doesn't bother me when my fur siblings want to play with them either, which mom thinks is great. They sometimes give me these neat things called Kongs that are filled with frozen food when I go in my crate. I don't mind being in there, but I'd rather be with my friends. She also says I'm almost a perfect lady on walks. WALKS ARE AWESOME! I even play fetch and bring the ball back to my mom so she can throw it again.