Hello world, my name is Mr. Guinness Pittyful (you can just call me Guinness) and I'm looking for that special someone to start my new life with. I love everyone and everything; people of all sizes, dogs, cats, etc. I'm a super happy guy who just wants to be around people. I love when they give me hugs, pet me, lay next to me and just hang around with me. I do like going for short walks, but I don't do long distances. I was hit by a car last summer and have fully recovered, but too much walking is a bit tough on me. I don't like being left alone and will cry when you leave so a home where noise isn't a problem is best. I also need to be in a crate when you aren't around. If you work from home or spend a lot of time around the house, I'd be more than happy to keep you company. Did I mention how much I love being around people? Do you think I might be a good fit for you? Check out for more information on how to meet me.